The Vineyard Church


Baptism is a public expression of faith for someone who has committed to following Jesus. After someone accepts Jesus as their Savior, they can be baptized to follow Jesus' teachings on baptism.

Baptism symbolizes a person's cleansing of sin and gives a person an opportunity to publicly profess their faith in front of their church, family and friends. Baptism is a wonderful opportunity to share testimony with others on how lives are changed.

Baptism is not required to be a Christian; rather, people are baptized because they are Christians. Baptism is evidence of a personal decision to follow Jesus and trust Him for salvation. At The Vineyard Church, we baptize by immersion because it most closely fulfills the Biblical form of baptism.

Many may also have questions on whether or not they should be baptized again if they were baptized as an infant. We believe that baptism is a public statement of faith that can be made only by someone who has personally believed in Jesus. So if you have not been baptized since you've welcomed Jesus into your life, we recommend that you be baptized. We do not baptize infants, but we do hold child dedications throughout the year; for more about child dedications, please click here

In the weeks leading up to a baptism weekend, we will hold a water baptism class. If you are interested in being water baptized, it is important that you attend this class. Please check the events tab below for dates of upcoming water baptism classes and celebrations. You can listen to a half hour message on water baptism prior to the class by clicking here.